Base Stats

Health 100
Armor 0
Shield 100



Real Name: Satya Vaswan
Age: 28
Occupation: Architect
Base of Operations: Utopaea, India
Affiliation: Vishkar Corporation

Photon Projector

HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or    Xbox Right Trigger

Damage: 65/130/195 per second
Ammo: 70
Reload time: 1.35 seconds
Fire Rate: 7 ammo per second (Gains ammo if attacking barrier)
Range: 12 meters

Cannot headshot

Symmetra’s weapon emits a ranged beam. It deals continuous damage that increases the longer it is connected.

Proton Projector (Alternate Fire)

HOTKEY: Right CLICK    or    Xbox Left Trigger

Damage: Fully charged: 120 direct hit; 15-60 AoE
Ammo: 70
Reload time: 1.35 seconds
Fire Rate: 1 second to fully charge and .55 second buffer between shots
Projectile Speed: 20 m/s

Cannot headshot


  • Spam from a distance. 200 hp character die from one full charge shot and one 70% charge shot

The projector can also release an explosive energy ball that deals high damage on contact.

Sentry Turret

HOTKEY: LEFT SHIFT    or    Xbox Left Bumper

Turrets Storage:   3
Max Turrets on Field: 3
Cast Time: 1.5 seconds
Cooldown: 10 seconds per charge

Turret Health: 30 HP
Turret Damage Rate: 50 per second
Movement Speed: -20% m/s
Range: 10 m range

Cannot headshot


  • Send turrets through Teleporter to reach unsuspecting supports

Symmetra launches a small turret that automatically fires speed-reducing blasts at the nearest enemy within range. Up to three turrets can be built on the battlefield at once.


HOTKEY: E    or    Xbox Right Bumper

Health: 50 health; 250 shield
Range: 25 meters
Cast Time: .8 seconds to cast; 2 seconds to deploy
Duration: 10 seconds
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Symmetra places a temporary teleporter exit pad at a distance and connects it to a teleporter entry pad at her current location. Allies (and some of their abilities, such as Junkrat’s RIP-Tire) can travel from the entry pad to the exit pad instantly.

Symmetra Ultimate

Photon Barrier (Ultimate)

HOTKEY: Q    or    Xbox Y

Health: 5000 Health
Duration: 15 seconds or 5000 damage blocked
Cast Range: 25 meters


  • Shield dance between the shield if in range too

Symmetra deploys a wide-radius generator that provides increased shielding to her entire team.

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