Base Stats

Health 600
Armor 0
Shield 0



Real Name: Mako Rutledge
Age: 48
Occupation: Formerly Enforcer, Bodyguard
Base of Operations: Formerly Junkertown, Australia
Affiliation: Junkers

Scrap Gun Blast

HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or    Xbox Right Trigger

Damage: 45 – 150 per shot
Falloff Range: 11 – 20 m
Ammo: 5
Reload time: 2 seconds
Projectiles: 25 fragments (1.6-6 dmg) per shot
Fire Rate:  1.3 shots per second
Projectile Speed:  57 m/s

Can headshot
Has damage falloff

Roadhog’s Scrap Gun fires short-range blasts of shrapnel with a wide spread.

Shrapnel Ball (Alternate Fire)

HOTKEY: Right CLICK    or    Xbox Left Trigger

Damage: Pre-detonation (50); Post-detonation (45-150)
Range: 8 meters
Ammo: 5
Reload time: 2 seconds
Falloff: 15 – 30 m
Projectiles: 25 fragments (1.8-6 dmg) per shot
Fire Rate: 1.43 shots per second
Projectile Speed: 57 m/s

Can headshot
Has damage falloff

Alternatively, it can launch a shrapnel ball that detonates farther away, scattering metal fragments from the point of impact.

Chain Hook

HOTKEY: LEFT SHIFT    or    Xbox Left Bumper

Damage: 30
Range: 20 meters
Projectile Speed: 40 m/s
Cast time: .3 seconds
Cooldown: 8 seconds

Cannot headshot


  • Interrupts abilities like Pharah’s ultimate and Reinhardt charge
  • Bait defensive abilities like Genji’s deflect by doing a melee attack
  • Continue walking forward for about 1/5 of a second after the hook animation ends then press M1 so that you are closer to the target
    • Especially useful against smaller model characters like Sombra

Roadhog hurls his chain at a target; if it catches, he yanks them into close range.

Take A Breather

HOTKEY: E    or    Xbox Right Bumper

Healing Rate: 300 self healing
Damage Reduction: +50%
Duration: 1 second (healing), 2 seconds (total)
Cast Time: 0.6 seconds; 0.4 seconds recovery
Cooldown: 8 seconds


  • Can be used to animation cancel Roadhog’s reload animation

Roadhog restores a chunk of his health over a brief period of time.

Whole Hog (Ultimate)

HOTKEY: Q    or    Xbox Y

Damage: 7 per pellet (4928 Max)
Knockback: 10 m/s
Duration: 128 pellets over 5.5 seconds
Movement Speed: 4.125 m/s (25% slower)
Channel Time: 0.5 sec

Can Headshot
D.Va Matrixable
Genji Deflectable


  • Primary fire ammo is reloaded upon ultimate completion
  • Cancels Chain Hook animation

After cramming a top-loader onto his Scrap Gun, Roadhog pours in ammo. For a short time, he can crank out a stream of shrapnel that knocks back enemies.


Countered By

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