Base Stats

Health 300
Armor 200
Shield 0



Real Name: Reinhardt Wilhelm
Age: 61
Occupation: Adventurer
Base of Operations: Stuttgart, Germany
Affiliation: Formerly Overwatch

Rocket Hammer

HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or    Xbox Right Trigger

Ammo:    ∞ rounds per clip
Damage:  75
Fire Rate:  1.1 swings per sec
Range:  5 m range

Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer is an exemplary melee weapon, able to deal punishing damage in a wide arc with every swing.

Barrier Field

HOTKEY: Right CLICK    or    Xbox Left Trigger

Shield Health:    2000 barrier HP
Shield Health Regen: 200 barrier HP per sec
Movement Speed: 2.75 m/s
Cooldown: 0 or 5-second

Reinhardt projects a broad, forward-facing energy barrier, which can absorb substantial damage before it is destroyed. Though Reinhardt can protect himself and his companions behind the barrier, he cannot attack while sustaining it.


HOTKEY: LEFT SHIFT    or    Xbox Left Bumper

Damage:   0, 50 or 300
Range: 55 m
Movement Speed: 16.66 m/s
Cooldown: 10-seconds

Reinhardt charges forth in a straight line, pinning the first enemy in his path and knocking others aside. If he collides with a wall, the foe he’s carrying suffers extreme damage.

Fire Strike

HOTKEY: E    or    Xbox Right Bumper

Damage:   100
Projectile Speed:  26.66 m/s
Cooldown: 6-seconds
Headshot? ✘ Cannot headshot

By whipping his Rocket Hammer forward, Reinhardt slings a flaming projectile which pierces and damages any enemies it touches.

Earthshatter (Ultimate)

HOTKEY: Q    or    Xbox Y

Damage:   50 per enemy
Range: 2 m, 20 m
Duration: 2.5 seconds

Reinhardt forcefully slams his Rocket Hammer into the ground, knocking down and damaging all enemies in front of him.