Base Stats

Health 250
Armor 0
Shield 0



Real Name: Mei-Ling Zhou
Age: 31
Occupation: Climatologist, Adventurer
Base of Operations: Formerly Xi’an, China
Affiliation: Formerly Overwatch

Endothermic Blaster: Freeze Spray

HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or    Xbox Right Trigger

Damage: 55 per second
Range: 10 m range
Freeze Duration: 1.5 seconds (frozen), 0.5-1 second (slowed)
Time to Freeze: 1.5 seconds
Ammo: 200
Fire Rate: 20 per second
Reload time: 1.5 seconds
Projectile Speed: 20 m/s

Cannot headshot


  • Primary Fire’s slow gradually increases until the target is frozen after 1.5 seconds
    • When freezing Hammond, it can be useful to tap primary fire because enemies return to normal movement speed after being frozen
  • A full duration freeze takes ~30 ammo

Mei’s blaster unleashes a concentrated, short-range stream of frost that damages, slows, and ultimately freezes enemies in place.

Endothermic Blaster: Icicle (Alternate Fire)

HOTKEY: Right CLICK    or    Xbox Left Trigger

Damage: 75
Ammo: 200
Ammo Usage: 20 per shot
Reload time: 1.5 seconds
Cast Time: ~0.38 seconds
Fire Rate: ~1.25 shots per second
Projectile Speed: 120 m/s

Can headshot


  • Mei is able to fire two shots before her target unfreezes
  • Initial primary fire freeze (50 HP) + 2 icicle headshots (300) = 350 damage
  • Against 400 HP characters, single freeze+headshot+headshot+melee.
  • Against 400+ HP tanks, freeze them until they are near frozen then headshot. Finish freezing and headshot twice

Mei can also use her blaster to shoot icicle-like projectiles at medium range.


HOTKEY: LEFT SHIFT    or    Xbox Left Bumper and again to cancel

Heal Rate:   37.5 HP (150 Total)
Duration: 4 seconds or until cancelled
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Mei instantly surrounds herself with a block of thick ice. She heals and ignores damage while encased, but cannot move or use abilities.

Ice Wall

HOTKEY: E    or    Xbox Right Bumper and again to rotate 90°

Wall HP: 400 per section (5 sections)
Range: 35 meters
Duration: 5 seconds
Cooldown: 10 seconds


  • Place Ice Wall
    • in the center of Doomfist’s ultimate to negate it
    • to disrupt Mercy’s ressurection
    • to save teammates that have stepped in Junkrat’s Trap by walling them up. It breaks the trap
  • Cooldown begins as soon as the wall goes up
  • Avoid placing Ice Wall in front of the payload because the wall will break

Mei generates an enormous ice wall that obstructs lines of sight, stops movement, and blocks attacks.

Blizzard (Ultimate)

HOTKEY: Q    or    Xbox Y

Damage Rate:   20 AoE per second (100 Total)
Radius: 10 meters
Cast Time: 1.5 sec
Duration: 5 seconds

Cannot headshot
D.Va matrixable
Genji deflectable


  • Left click + Blizzard stack together and freeze enemies faster
  • Ice Wall does not block Blizzard’s LoS. Throw Blizzard into Ice Wall to prevent it from being eaten or deflected
  • If Mei is stunned or killed in the 1.5 second cast time, her ultimate is canceled
  • Once the 1.5 seconds cast time is over and the projectile is in air, Blizzard will persist even if Mei is stunned or killed

Mei deploys a weather-modification drone that emits gusts of wind and snow in a wide area. Enemies caught in the blizzard are slowed and take damage; those who linger too long are frozen solid.


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