Mech Stats

Health 400
Armor 200
Shield 0

Pilot Stats

Health 150
Armor 0
Shield 0



Real Name: Hana Song
Age: 19
Occupation: Former pro gamer, Mech pilot
Base of Operations: Busan, South Korea
Affiliation: Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army


Eject (Passive)

Duration:   1 second

D.Va ejects out of her mech when it is destroyed.

Fusion Cannons (Mech)

HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or    Xbox Right Trigger

Damage: 0.6 – 2 per pellet (Max 22)
Ammo: ∞ rounds; 11 pellets per shot
Falloff: 10 – 20 m falloff range
Fire Rate: 6.67 shots per sec
Movement Speed: 2.75 m/s (50% slower)
Headshot? ✔ Can headshot


  • D.Va receives 50% less knock-back while shooting
  • Despite doing little ranged damage, fusion cannons can prevent shield recharge on heroes like Zarya, Zenyatta, Symmetra, or Mercy passive

D.Va’s mech is equipped with twin short-range rotating cannons. They lay down continuous, high-damage fire without needing to reload, but slow D.Va’s movement while they’re active.

Defense Matrix

HOTKEY: hold Right Click    or    Xbox Left Trigger

Duration: 2 seconds
Range: 15 m range
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Recharge Time: 8 seconds
Movement Speed: 5.5 m/s movement speed


  • D.Va’s matrix blocks damage in front of her, rather than behind or around her. This means that D.Va may be better at the back of the team more often than the front
  • Remember to defense matrix ulting teammates
  • Defense matrix blocks the following ultimate projectiles:
    • Graviton surge
    • Blizzard
    • Molten core
    • Pulse bomb
    • Deadeye
    • Dragonstrike (arrow only)

D.Va can activate this forward-facing targeting array to shoot incoming projectiles out of the air.


HOTKEY: LEFT SHIFT    or    Xbox Left Bumper

Damage: 10
Movement Speed: 12.5 m/s
Duration: 2 seconds
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Range: 25 m


  • D.Va can animation cancel a melee attack straight into boosters (40 damage)
  • Cancel boosters as soon as possible (instead of the entire channel) so that the cooldown may reset

D.Va’s mech launches into the air, her momentum carrying her forward. She can turn and change directions or barrel through her enemies, knocking them back.

Micro Missiles

HOTKEY: E    or   Xbox Right Bumper

Damage: 7 per missle (Max 126)
Splash Damage: 4 per missle
Splash Self Damage: 4 per missle
Fire Rate: 11 shots per second
Radius: 1.5 m
Cast Time: ~0.5 sec
Duration: ~1.6 seconds
Cooldown: 8 seconds
Headshot? ✘ Cannot headshot
✔ Can inflict self damage
✘ Cannot inflict self knockback

D.Va’s mech launches into the air, her momentum carrying her forward. She can turn and change directions or barrel through her enemies, knocking them back.

Self-Destruct (Mech Ultimate)

HOTKEY: Q    or    Xbox Y

Damage:   1000 from point of explosion (falls off with distance)
Splash range:   20 meters
Duration:   3 seconds
✘ Cannot inflict self damage
✘ Cannot inflict self knockback


  • A standstill self-destruct is usually not effective
  • If the centre of the exploding MEKA can draw a straight line to an enemy hitbox without colliding with another object (note: Not another player) or shield, they are considered in the blast radius and will die
  • Whilst an exploding MEKA is boosting, it will attempt to travel in the same direction relative to the starting trajectory it began its flight path on

D.Va ejects from her mech and sets its reactor to explode, dealing massive damage to nearby opponents.


Light Gun (Pilot)

HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or    Xbox Right Trigger

Damage per shot: 14
Ammo: 20 per clip
Rate of fire: 7 rounds per second
Reload time: 1.5 seconds
Projectile Speed: 40 m/s
Headshot? ✔ Can headshot

While outside of her mech, D.Va can continue the fight with a mid-range automatic blaster.

Call Mech (Pilot Ultimate)

HOTKEY: Q    or    Xbox Y

Damage: 50
Cast Time: 2 seconds


  • Be careful where you call your mech into. It is interruptible by CC
  • D.Va can change the direction she ejects out of her mech by holding the appropriate directional key

If her armored battle suit is destroyed, D.Va can call down a fresh mech and return to the fray.


  • High mobility (Great on maps with high ground)
  • High burst with Micro Missiles
  • Great at burning shields
  • Large zone control with boosters and/or ultimate
  • Can shut down enemy carries easily and reliably


  • Dive-y playstyle feeds a lot of ult charge
  • Large hitbox/crit box
  • Relatively short range engagement/damage capabilities without missiles
  • Boosters can usually only be used as an escape/engage, not as both
  • Matrix is now less suitable for extended fights

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