Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball TANK Base Stats Health 500 Armor 100 Shield 0 Difficulty Quad Cannons HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or     Damage: 5 per shot Ammo: 80 Falloff Range: 15 to 25 meters (-50% damage) Rate of fire: 25 per second Reload time: 2.1 seconds Can Headshot Tips Bullet spread starts at 3 shots and reaches its [...]


Orisa TANK Base Stats Health 200 Armor 200 Shield 0 Difficulty Bio Real Name: Orisa Age: 1 month Height: Unknown Occupation: Guardian robot Base of Operations: Numbani Affiliation: Unknown Relatives: Efi Oladele (creator, guardian, mentor) // Fusion Driver HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or     Damage:  11 Ammo: 150 rounds per clip Reload Time: 2.55 seconds Fire Rate: 12.5 per sec Projectile Speed: 72 m/s [...]


Zarya TANK Base Stats Health 200 Armor 0 Shield 200 Difficulty Bio Real Name: Aleksandra Zaranova Age: 28 Occupation: Soldier Base of Operations: Krasnoyarsk Front, Russia Affiliation: Russian Defense Forces // Energy (Passive) Particle Cannon Damage: +1% increased damage per point of charge; Max +100% Particle Cannon damage Charge: 1% increased charge for absorbing 5 damage Decay: Energy decays [...]


Winston TANK Base Stats Health 400 Armor 100 Shield 0 Difficulty Bio Real Name: Winston Age: 29 Occupation: Scientist, Adventurer Base of Operations: Formerly Horizon Lunar Colony Affiliation: Formerly Overwatch // Tesla Cannon HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or     Damage: 60 AoE Radius: 6 m Range: 8 m Ammo: 100 Fire Rate: 20 per second Reload Time: 1.5-second Headshots? Genji deflectable D.Va matrixable Winston’s weapon [...]


Roadhog TANK Base Stats Health 600 Armor 0 Shield 0 Difficulty Bio Real Name: Mako Rutledge Age: 48 Occupation: Formerly Enforcer, Bodyguard Base of Operations: Formerly Junkertown, Australia Affiliation: Junkers // Scrap Gun Blast HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or     Damage: 45 - 150 per shot Falloff Range: 11 - 20 m Ammo: 5 Reload time: 2 seconds Projectiles: 25 fragments (1.6-6 dmg) [...]


Reinhardt TANK Base Stats Health 300 Armor 200 Shield 0 Difficulty Bio Real Name: Reinhardt Wilhelm Age: 61 Occupation: Adventurer Base of Operations: Stuttgart, Germany Affiliation: Formerly Overwatch // Rocket Hammer HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or     Damage: 75 Ammo: ∞ Range: 5 m range Fire Rate: 1.1 swings per sec Ultimate Charge: 6% Tips The hitbox of a hammer [...]


D.Va TANK Mech Stats Health 400 Armor 200 Shield 0 Pilot Stats Health 150 Armor 0 Shield 0 Difficulty Bio Real Name: Hana Song Age: 19 Occupation: Former pro gamer, Mech pilot Base of Operations: Busan, South Korea Affiliation: Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army // WITH MECH Eject (Passive) Duration:   1 second D.Va ejects out of her mech when [...]