Widowmaker DEFENSE Base Stats Health 200 Armor 0 Shield 0 Difficulty Bio Real Name: Amélie Lacroix Age: 33 Occupation: Assassin Base of Operations: Annecy, France Affiliation: Talon // Widow's Kiss (Automatic) HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or     Damage: 13 per shot Ammo: 30 shots Fire Rate: 10 shots per second Reload time: 1.5 seconds Headshot? Can headshot Widowmaker's rifle can [...]


Torbjorn DEFENSE Base Stats Health 200 Armor 0 Shield 0 Difficulty Bio Real Name: Torbjörn Lindholm Age: 57 Occupation: Weapons Designer Base of Operations: Gothenburg, Sweden Affiliation: Formerly Overwatch // Rivet Gun Shot HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or     Damage: 70 per shot Ammo: 18 Projectiles: 1 Reload time: 2 seconds Fire Rate: 1.67 shots per second Projectile Speed: ~55 m/s Can headshot [...]


Symmetra Defense Base Stats Health 100 Armor 0 Shield 100 Difficulty Bio Real Name: Satya Vaswan Age: 28 Occupation: Architect Base of Operations: Utopaea, India Affiliation: Vishkar Corporation // Photon Projector HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or     Damage: 65/130/195 per second Ammo: 70 Reload time: 1.35 seconds Fire Rate: 7 ammo per second (Gains ammo if attacking barrier) Range: 12 meters Cannot headshot Symmetra’s [...]


Mei DEFENSE Base Stats Health 250 Armor 0 Shield 0 Difficulty Bio Real Name: Mei-Ling Zhou Age: 31 Occupation: Climatologist, Adventurer Base of Operations: Formerly Xi'an, China Affiliation: Formerly Overwatch // Endothermic Blaster: Freeze Spray HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or     Damage: 55 per second Range: 10 m range Freeze Duration: 1.5 seconds (frozen), 0.5-1 second (slowed) Time to Freeze: 1.5 seconds [...]


Junkrat DEFENSE Base Stats Health 200 Armor 0 Shield 0 Difficulty Bio Real Name: Jamison Fawkes Age: 25 Occupation: Anarchist, Thief, Demolitionist, Mercenary, Scavenger Base of Operations: Junkertown, Australia Affiliation: Formerly Junkers // Total Mayhem (Passive) Damage: 50 per grenade (300 max) Radius: 2 meters Cannot Headshot Junkrat's deranged sense of humor persists past his death. If killed, he drops several [...]


Hanzo DEFENSE Base Stats Health 200 Armor 0 Shield 0 Difficulty Bio Real Name: Hanzo Shimada Age: 38 Occupation: Mercenary, Assassin Base of Operations: Formerly Hanamura, Japan Affiliation: Shimada Clan // Wall Climb (Passive) Ability:   Can climb up walls (Up to 4 meters) Tips Hanzo's bow can remain charged when wall climbing Jump at walls to climb at them. Lunge [...]


Bastion DEFENSE Base Stats Health 200 Armor 100 Shield 0 Difficulty Bio Real Name: SST Laboratories Siege Automaton E54 Age: 30 Occupation: Battle Automaton Base of Operations: Unknown Affiliation: None // Ironclad (Passive) Damage Resistance: +20% when transformed Reduce damage taken while transformed. Configuration: Recon HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or     Damage: 6 - 20 damage Ammo: 35 Reload Time: 1.5 seconds Falloff: 25 [...]