GOATs is a short range, sturdy composition that focuses on coordination to quickly take out an enemy through crowd control and burst damage.

Reinhardt: The focal point of GOATS. In a GvG, the team who kills the other Rein first usually wins. As such, as Rein, you have to balance being aggressive and defensive. You’re one of the main sources of damage in the team but don’t just hold down M1 and die needlessly. Shield your team into brawling range, then start laying out that damage. You also have to be vocal, as you’re going to be the furthest forward and initiating most fights. Rein is also a combo enabler/blocker and I provide visual examples of what this means.

Zarya: Bubbles. Bubble management is the most important factor of Zarya play in GOATS. You need to cycle your bubbles to try and always keep one in hand. Typically, you will be bubbling your Reinhardt right after the engagement has begun. If you bubble too early and the enemy team sees you have no bubbles, that’s the time they’ll engage on you.

D.VA: Mobility and Matrix. These two things define D.VA’s role in GOATS. She’s the only character capable of dealing with enemies on high-grounds and also any flankers/out of position enemies. It’s your job to deal with threats that the rest of your team can’t, or at least occupy them. Matrix is still huge – with its potential to eat infinite amounts of damage but with the new nerfs, anticipation is more important than ever. Watch the enemy Zarya – if she’s being aggressive or trying to focus you down, she’s probably going to grav. You need to have DM saved for this.

Brigette: Fairly straight-forward – you go in and brawl, giving your team heals and Rally when you’ve just started a fight to give your team constant armour over time. Be frugal with your abilities. Health packs are the only burst healing your team has so that clutch heal on a low HP target is more important than topping up the 50hp missing from your Rein. Same goes for shield bash which is your team’s only Crowd Control. Make sure you have it to deal with threats.

Lucio: Should be the main shotcaller in the team. Supports always have a better vantage point in the game to see how things are panning out, but also being in control of the speedboost yourself is very important. Someone else telling you when to speed can result in mistimings and also moments of “I don’t have it” while your Rein has already gone in. Your team is very vulnerable without your speed to get everybody into position so it’s very important you’re holding them together and driving them on.

Zenyatta: Harmony your Rein, Discord the enemy Rein. Of course, you will need to use your judgement to know when to break from this rule, though. Also you should be outputting a fair amount of damage. And obviously, Trans counters Grav very easily.

Moira: Provides short term AoE heals and suitability. You sacrifice a substantial chunk of damage by swapping to Moira, but it’s especially impactful when coordination is lacking and discords are not followed up on over voice-chat. It’s also superior if your team takes a lot of poke damage. This is usually the right choice below Diamond.


Zenyatta GOATS


It’s biggest weakness is when played on maps with high vertical mobility. Since D.Va is the only character capable of contesting high ground, it’s not an ideal choice on those types of maps.