Base Stats

Health 200
Armor 0
Shield 0



Real Name: Angela Ziegler
Age: 34
Occupation: Field Medic, First Responder
Base of Operations: Zürich, Switzerland
Affiliation: Formerly Overwatch

Angelic Descent (Passive)

HOTKEY: Spacebar    or    Xbox A

Ability:   Hold down the jump button to slow descent in the air

Propelled by her Valkyrie suit, Mercy slows the speed of her descent from great heights.

Self-Heal (Passive)

Ability:   After 2 seconds of not taking damage, Mercy will regenerate health at ~22 health per second.

Caduceus Blaster

HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or    Xbox Right Trigger

Ammo:   20
Damage per shot:   20
Headshot damage:   40
Rate of fire:   5 rounds per second
Reload time:   1 second

Mercy shoots a round from her sidearm. It’s best reserved for emergency personal defense.

Caduceus Staff

HOTKEY: Left click or right click /  Xbox Right Trigger   or    Xbox Left Trigger

Healing per second:   60 second
Damage boost:   30%
Range:   15 meteres

Mercy engages one of two beams that connect to an ally. By maintaining the beams, she can either restore that ally’s health or increase the amount of damage they deal.

Guardian Angel

HOTKEY: LEFT SHIFT    or    Xbox Left Bumper and again to cancel

Range:   30 meters
Cooldown:   1.5 seconds

Mercy flies towards a targeted ally, allowing her to reach them quickly and provide assistance in crucial moments.

Resurrect (Ultimate)

HOTKEY: Q    or    Xbox Y

Cast time:   1 second
Range:   15 meters
Ability:   resets Guardian Angel on use
Passive ultimate charge:   .385% per second. Total charge time: 260 seconds
On-hit ultimate charge:   1.4% per non-headshot / 2.8% per headshot

Mercy radiates restorative power, bringing nearby dead allies back into the fight with full health.

Effective Against

Weak Against

Synergizes With