Base Stats

Health 200
Armor 0
Shield 0



Real Name: Ana Amari
Age: 60
Occupation: Second in Command, Overwatch (formerly), Bounty Hunter
Base of Operations: Cairo, Egypt
Affiliation: Formerly Overwatch

Biotic Rifle

HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or    Xbox Right Trigger

Ammo:   10
Damage per shot:   80  (done over 1 second)
Healing per shot:   75  (done over 1 second)
Rate of fire:   1.25 rounds per second
Reload time:   1.5 seconds

Ana’s rifle shoots darts that can restore health to her allies or deal ongoing damage to her enemies. She can use the rifle’s scope to zoom in on targets and make highly accurate shots.

Sleep Dart

HOTKEY: LEFT SHIFT    or    Xbox Left Bumper

Damage:   5
Sleep duration:   5.5 seconds  (or until damaged)
Stun:  0.5  seconds
Cooldown:   12 seconds

Ana fires a dart from her sidearm, rendering an enemy unconscious (though any damage will rouse them).

Biotic Grenade

HOTKEY: E    or    Xbox Right Bumper

Damage:   60
Healing:   100
Ability:   Increases healing from other sources by 100%
Splash radius:   4 meters
Duration:   5 seconds
Cooldown:   10 seconds

Ana tosses a biotic bomb that deals damage to enemies and heals allies in a small area of effect. Affected allies briefly receive increased healing from all sources, while enemies caught in the blast cannot be healed for a few moments.

Nano Boost (Ultimate)

HOTKEY: Q    or    Xbox Y

Damage increase:   50%
Damage mitigation:   50%
Movement speed:   30%
Duration:   8 seconds

After Ana hits one of her allies with a combat boost, they temporarily move faster, deal more damage, and take less damage from enemies’ attacks.

Effective Against

Weak Against

Synergizes With