Zarya TANK Base Stats Health 200 Armor 0 Shield 200 Difficulty Bio Real Name: Aleksandra Zaranova Age: 28 Occupation: Soldier Base of Operations: Krasnoyarsk Front, Russia Affiliation: Russian Defense Forces // Particle Beam HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or     Ammo:   100 Damage:   75 - 150 per second   (depending on charge) Rate of fire:   20 rounds per second Range:  [...]


Winston TANK Base Stats Health 400 Armor 100 Shield 0 Rage Stats Health 900 Armor 100 Shield 0 Difficulty Bio Real Name: Winston Age: 29 Occupation: Scientist, Adventurer Base of Operations: Formerly Horizon Lunar Colony Affiliation: Formerly Overwatch // Tesla Cannon HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or     Ammo:   100 Damage per shock:   3 Range:   9 meters Rate of fire:   20 [...]


Roadhog Tank Base Stats Health 600 Armor 0 Shield 0 Difficulty Bio Real Name: Mako Rutledge Age: 48 Occupation: Formerly Enforcer, Bodyguard Base of Operations: Formerly Junkertown, Australia Affiliation: Junkers // Scrap Gun Blast HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or     Ammo:   4 Damage per shot:   4-9 per pellet  (225 max, 25 pellets per shot, falls off at distance) Headshot damage:   8-18 [...]


Reinhardt TANK Base Stats Health 300 Armor 200 Shield 0 Difficulty Bio Real Name: Reinhardt Wilhelm Age: 61 Occupation: Adventurer Base of Operations: Stuttgart, Germany Affiliation: Formerly Overwatch // Rocket Hammer HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or     Damage per swing:   75 Ability:   Can hit mulitple enemies Rate of swing:   1 swing per second Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer is an exemplary melee [...]


D.Va TANK Mech Stats Health 100 Armor 400 Shield 0 Pilot Stats Health 150 Armor 0 Shield 0 Difficulty Bio Real Name: Hana Song Age: 19 Occupation: Former pro gamer, Mech pilot Base of Operations: Busan, South Korea Affiliation: Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army // Light Gun (Pilot) HOTKEY: LEFT CLICK    or     Ammo:   20 Damage per shot:  [...]